Roman blinds either gives you total privacy or a very clear view, controls heat and sound. They give you the charming look when matched with drape, pelmets and tie backs.
With the Classic style and Beach style Roman Blinds, Aluminum battens replace stitched pockets. These battens hold the fabric better and eliminate puckering. Pockets are placed at the back of the blind so they are not visible and show off the fabric to enhance your home with style and class.

Scallop Base

This is yet another fancy finish which enhances the home with style, fashion and elegance. A vast range of shapes and styles are available and also a range of decorative trims such as fringes, flange cords, beads, piping etc can be used to complete any application.


Cord and cleat mechanism is used for basic Roman Blinds, also can be upgraded to cord lock and motorisation.